Extra Flare

Nail Polish- $3 We offer a range of colors in pet safe, quick dry nail polish. (not recommended for pets with long hair on feet)
Hair Dye- $5 -$15 Many bright and pastel colors available. (Not recommended for pets with skin conditions)

Treat your pet to a "spa day" of their very own.

Full Grooming prices will vary depending on the dog breed, size, and temperament.
All "Full Grooms" include a Bath, Blow Dry, Nail Trim, Teeth Brushing, Cleaning the Ears, and Anal Glands (if needed).
*Please contact for specific pricing

Individual Pricing
Nail Trim (No Appointment needed) - $5
Bath (No Blow Dry) - $15 - $25
Bath and Dry - $20 - $40
Anal Glands - $5
Ear Cleaning - $5
Teeth Brushing - $6 (Not all dogs will allow)

Puppy Rates!

The Purple Poodle offers discounts to puppies under 1 year of age.
Puppies can be very difficult to keep still and focused, so for this reason we offer a lower rate for "Grooming Training" for you little one. They may not always leave with a full groom but every session will help them become more confident with their groomer. Call today to set up your puppy schedule!